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Legal Compliance

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Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

 The determination of HAO-XIN to abide by laws is observed upon the behavior of compliance with the national laws for the first step. Also, the laws of the countries which the suppliers and customers belong to, and of the regions which our products are sold to, are the object HAO-XIN is deemed to comply with. All of the aforementioned represent the role and responsibilities of as the citizen of the globe.

Antitrust Compliance

The competition laws are a critical part of the business environment in which HAO-XIN operates. HAO-XIN is dedicated to compliance with the competition laws in all of its activities. The methods we take are as follow:

(1)To enhance the interior training.

(2)To establish the legal compliance department. To supply a way

for employees to consult as they have questions about laws. After the case hereunder, HAO-XIN determines to contribute itself to abide by the laws and regulations relevant to anti-trust with positive attitude of cooperation in the future, and to eliminate such behaviors from happening again.

Corporate Governance

“Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, Frugalness.” is the enterprising spirit of HAO-XIN ;namely, we consider ourselves a law-abiding corporation at all times. Consequently, in addition to the regulations relevant to anti-trust, we restate repeatedly the moral standards or other written regulations related to the morality of business and transactions, the management, the morality and behavior of employees.


The legal compliance department in HAO-XIN provides a specialized way of communications as our employees have any enquiry relevant to laws and regulations. If there is any question about the contact or the affairs between HAO-XIN and the competitors, all the employees of HAO-XIN may express their opinions through the legal compliance department in HAO-XIN .