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Clean Energy Products

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Product characteristic

Product characteristic


Prepare national certification, import and export Login.

Product Design:

According to the reject attribute plan, Reference laws and regulations of the International Electrotechnical IEC, in line with national security requirements.

Safety device:

Establishment multistage security sensor, user-friendly design. Safety requirements disposal: Reference to EU safety standards, in line with the highest European safety requirements.

Component requirements function:

Selects and purchases the equipment, high efficiency import compression main engine, Stringent requirements for all components.

Patent authentication:

Product machinery all have the international monopoly certificate. Quality authentication: Eliminate the ISO9001 quality authentication through the environmental protection equipment manufacture and the reject, the European Union CE authentication.

Product insurance:

This company environmental protection equipment all takes out insurance the NT 10,000,000 product liability insurances.

Specialized workshop:

The factory for the factory level research and development, the design, the manufacture, the specialized ability, the systematized work, provides the best quality service.

Mechanical Products


HAO-XIN Technology Co.,Ltd. was establish in 2007, and it specializes in green energy projects and expecting to make contribution on improving environment pollution. The R&D department focuses on the study of energy recycle and reuse. Targeted subjects include road piezoelectric energy and tyre energy.  From these major energy sources, we have developed 2mm Road Generation System, Tyre Pressure Power Generation, Water Buoyancy Power Plants, piezoelectric power plant, Power Generation Floor and Sports Electricity Generation.
We hope through demonstrating and introducing these green technologies to  people, we can make a difference and the world will become a better place for next generation.